Alcohol and Your Money

Can Alcohol Impact Your Financial Stability?


Many people have little to no idea how much they actually spend on alcohol each week, month,  or year. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism hopes to change that and help people grasp exactly how much their alcohol habit is costing them. Their alcohol spending calculator breaks down on average how much you spend based on:

  • The average number of alcoholic drinks you have per week;
  • The average number of alcoholic drinks you have per day; and
  • The average price per drink.

For instance, if you conservatively estimate that you drink five alcoholic beverages per week with the average price per drink being $2.00 and you drink one drink per day then you spend over $520 per year on alcohol.

The results can be eye-opening for individuals who have never put much thought into the amount of money they spend on alcohol. An important caveat to this calculator is that it requires honesty on behalf of the user. If you only put in five drinks per week when you are really drinking ten or more, then you will not get an accurate result.

A truthful reflection on the price per drink is important too. Rarely are you going to find alcohol that is only $2.00 per drink, especially at bars and restaurants. In Southern California, cocktails can run you between $10 and $12.

In addition to the alcohol spending calculator, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also provides:

Learn more about what you are drinking and how much you are spending with these useful tools. While helpful, these calculators are for educational purposes. If you believe that you have an alcohol use disorder, it is important to seek treatment immediately.