Twelve Step Programs Used In Outpatient Treatment

Many treatment facilities including OPTIONS have succeeded in helping overcome addictions by requiring participation in AA meetings which implement small steps leading toward the goal of an alcohol-free life. In fact, the 2016 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services found that 73 percent of facilities used the 12 step program in addition to individual therapy.

12-step facilitation in  therapy is considered an evidenced-based approach to addiction treatment.   It is  an active engagement strategy designed to increase the likelihood of an alcohol abuser becoming actively involved in 12-step self-help groups, thereby promoting an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Some outpatient centers rely solely on the principles of AA’s Twelve Steps and others such as OPTIONS use the steps in conjunction with individual therapy  to create a holistic, integrated strategy for treating addiction.   At OPTIONS both the proven methods of requiring working the twelve steps along with group and individual therapy from our certified staff members are used  for the most effective treatment.  The goal to our approach is a mind body and spirit wellness which informs and protects the recovery journey.

Counseling, both on an individual and a group basis forms the foundation of our treatment. It is a requirement to go to AA meetings on a frequent, regular basis in addition to attending therapy. All  three steps bring structure and hope to the substance abuser, a welcome change after the uncertainty and fear of an addictive lifestyle