Intensive Outpatient Program

An Outpatient Treatment Program Providing Therapy and Accountability For Sober Living

At Options Outpatient Program we incorporate Group Therapy, Individual Therapy with a licensed LMFT, 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring, Drug Monitoring, AA, and Personal Communication and interaction with our case managers on a weekly basis.

  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring
  • Drug Testing thru Patch and UA
  • Weekly Private Sessions with Licensed LMFT
  • AA Meetings

Outpatient Program – Group Sessions


Groups consist of 5-15 people lead by a licensed therapist for a minimum of 90 minutes each session. The group topic discussion is based on relapse prevention curriculum. Each attendee will have an opportunity to discuss on the assigned topic during each session. Attendees usually find they are not alone and that many other attendees share the same experience and situation. This type of participation provides attendees a safe place to discuss issues they may not usually be aware of.

Private Individual Therapy with a Licensed LMFT

Individual sessions are designed to assess the client’s ongoing sobriety progress in program. Clients will meet with an individual counselor once per month (unless more is required at the time of our assessment or if so desired by the participant). This type of participation provides the attendee a safe place to discuss issues of their sobriety journey in an individual setting.



Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) is a 24 hour 7 day a week device worn on a person’s ankle that is used to detect alcohol in a person’s body. Our flagship technology system is the world’s most widely used and trusted transdermal alcohol testing. Transdermal alcohol concentration is a valid and reliable measure of drinking that is correlated with and lagged in time relative to blood alcohol concentration. The SCRAM device collects samples approximately every 30 min. The date and time stamped data is uploaded to a secure central server via internet or phone line. This tool allows for provable alcohol abstinence which gives the participant a greater opportunity to achieve long term sobriety. For participants that are not able to wear an ankle device we may offer a remote handheld Breathalyzer that will contact the participant throughout the day to do a breath test.

These tests are immediate and also provide us with the GPS coordinates of where the person is at the time of the test. Handheld devices are usually preferred for the low risk offenders and people that be able to wear an ankle device for one reason or another.


Alcohol Monitoring and Home Curfew Monitor


The CAM Alcohol bracelet can also be used as a home curfew monitor in conjunction with alcohol detection. Many DUI courts, treatment programs and sobriety monitoring sources use SCRAM/CAM to guarantee sobriety and curfew compliance. With this device the participant will be monitored for alcohol and will be confined to their residence with allowance for work schedules and basic living needs like food shopping etc. If a participant were to leave the approved vicinity the monitoring company would be notified.

Drugs of Abuse Patch


The Sweat Patch acts as a collector for nonvolatile components of sweat, including drugs of abuse. The PharmChek Sweat Patch detects the drug metabolite and parent drug. It is worn continuously 24/7. It consists of an adhesive plastic film that holds a pad in place against the skin. The adhesive film of the patch is a semipermeable barrier that allows oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor to pass through so that the skin can breathe normally. Larger molecules (such as drugs) are trapped in the absorption pad portion of the patch. Contaminants from the environment cannot penetrate the adhesive barrier from the outside, so the patch can be worn during normal activities, including bathing, swimming and athletics. We remove and test the patch every 10-12 days while in the program. The PharmChek Sweat Patch is both a deterrent to drug use and is less expensive to use when compared to urine testing.

Additional Options Some Participants May Be Required To Participate In Depending On Their Assessment


Urine Analysis, Hair Follicle Testing, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes, Anger Management Classes, Petty Theft Classes, Life Skills Classes, Behavior Modification Classes, Batterer’s Intervention Program, Victim Impact Panel DUI & Drug Related, Victim Impact Panel DUI & Drug Related II, Driving & Traffic Offense Classes. (These options may incur additional cost)

blutag gps



Our GPS device allows us to setup exclusion zones and restrict ones travel. The device monitors a person for their whereabouts 24/7 and can be tracked in real time via our proprietary software.