Thank you for your help. My life has improved incredibly going through this program. My work, business, relationships, and overall outlook on life has all been improved. I cannot thank this program enough.

Testimonial Sara

Although wearing the SCRAM bracelet may have been embarrassing, it helped me get some sobriety under my belt and now I'll have a year sober in three weeks. I definitely see the huge value in having the SCRAM on while going through treatment and building my new healthy, happy, sober life. Thank you.

Testimonial Sandy

Groups were injoyable, it was nice meeting people that can relate to similar experiences. It was an easy process, and the staff is very friendly. The time went by quickly and I am happy with myself for completing the program. It has given me a different point of view on many things in my life. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned and applying it to my daily life.

Testimonial Jacky

I was a little skeptical entering the OPTIONS Program because it was all new to me. After all this time, adopting to the program got easier by the day. I made some close friends that I won't soon forget at the group meetings.

Testimonial Chad

It was an amazing experience. It helped me recover from all the alcohol problems I had. The staff was very understanding and helped me a lot along the way. I liked the OPTIONS program and wearing the SCRAM bracelet because it kept me sober for the first time in ten years.

Testimonial Tom