Options Outpatient Program in San Francisco

Options, located in the heart of San Francisco, offers an intensive outpatient program for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Options utilizes the most effective in outpatient therapy by combining group and individual therapy sessions with continuous drug and alcohol monitoring. Participants are provided in-depth therapy and counseling that helps them to cope with and understand the triggers for their dependence and are ultimately held accountable for their sobriety with continuous monitoring.

San Francisco Options Outpatient Requirements

Participants in the Options program are assigned a case manager who helps to decide the best course on their road to recovery and rehabilitation. The outpatient program requires participants to complete:
  • 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring
  • Drug Monitoring with the Drug Patch
  • Weekly Group Sessions lasting 90 minutes 
  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Weekly AA Meetings
Depending on the individual there may be additional requirements ordered by the court or recommended by the case manager. All programs are designed to help participants achieve and maintain sobriety by living a healthy, dependence-free life.

Outpatient Treatment Techniques through Options

All therapists at Options San Francisco are licensed and certified through the state of California. They are well-versed in substance abuse and will help those monitored through the outpatient program understand their addiction. All group sessions are supervised and documented along with drug/alcohol testing results to help hold individual’s accountable for their sobriety. Our case managers work hard to ensure that an individual reaches their goals and achieve independence from drugs and alcohol. Participants in the Options San Francisco program are given individual assessments to determine the right strategy for rehabilitation. Options provides a safe zone for those struggling with addiction.

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