Alcohol Banned at Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Committee Is Prohibiting the Sale of Alcohol at the 2021 Games


With less than a month to go, the Olympic committee announced that the sale of alcoholic beverages would be prohibited at the 2021 games. According to Kyodo News, the decision was made in an effort to hold a safe event amid the pandemic.

In addition to a ban on the sale of alcohol, the committee told ticket holders that they would not allow loud cheering, high-fives, or towel waving. Spectators are also prevented from bringing their own alcoholic beverages.

The Olympics are not the only sporting event where alcohol has been banned. As reported by Business Insider South Africa, alcohol was explicitly banned at all sporting events in the country even though no spectators are currently allowed. The alcohol ban was extended to parks.

Long before the pandemic, many sporting events had banned the sale of alcohol including at NCAA championships and internationally. Only in the last few years were those bans lifted to give stadiums or colleges the opportunity to sell alcohol.

Where the Olympics are concerned, banning alcohol may have a double benefit. The number one concern seems to be helping reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Venues will be at half capacity and have several restrictions including those listed above. The prohibition of alcohol may also reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents, violence, assaults, and accidental injury.

While some have called for the Olympics to be postponed (again) or not allow fans, the committee hopes that these measures will ensure the safety of both audiences and athletes throughout the games.