California Judges Association Annual Meeting 2018

Options and our parent companyDMS Diversified Monitoring Services are looking forward to an eventful weekend at the California Judges Association Annual Meeting 2018 in San Diego.  Our team members Allen Martinez and Jason Guevara will be there ready to answer all questions about our Outpatient Treatment Program and DMS Services; who we are and what we have to offer. It is a great opportunity to be able to have one on one conversations with the local Judges of California.

Enrollment in a drug and alcohol monitoring program along with monitored therapy is linked to reduce the risk to the public and is a preemptive measure for mitigation, pre-trial and sentencing.  There are many alcohol monitoring and substance abuse treatment centers in California to choose from and the courts have shown concern over the experience of the providers, the quality of the reports and the costs of the monitoring program.

This is our opportunity to share that we are the first provider in the State of California for Secure Continual Alcohol Monitoring – SCRAM and that the cost of this program is more than competitive.  In addition our OPTIONS branch of our complete monitoring system has filled the need for assessment, therapy and support for those who are seeking to address their addiction.

We have worked alongside substance abusers within the court system for over 15 years now. We know through experience and research that combining both types of treatment, monitoring and therapy are the most effective ways to achieve long term sobriety and a low recidivism rate. We are looking forward to contributing this experience by answering any questions attendees of the Annual California Judges Meeting may have regarding monitored substance abuse.