May 2022: Mental Health Awareness Month

Recognizing the Mental Health Struggles Experienced by Millions of Americans


Mental Health Awareness Month will be celebrated from May 1, 2022, until May 31, 2022. Organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), use mental health awareness month to raise awareness about the struggles that millions of Americans and people across the globe face. 


Mental health conditions affect people of all ages, all ethnicities, all incomes. By promoting awareness about mental health struggles, and advocating for additional support and services, more people can get the help that they need. It can also destigmatize mental health conditions, allowing more people to share their stories. 

2022 Mental Health Awareness Month Theme

The 2022 theme for Mental Health Awareness Month promoted by NAMI will be “Together for Mental Health,” represented by the hashtag #Together4MH.  


The month has been observed since 1949. It not only brings awareness to the struggles that millions of Americans face, but it also calls for improved mental health care across the country. Despite its prevalence, mental health continues to be a taboo topic for most people. 

Seeking treatment for mental health is still seen by some communities as weak or unimportant. Unfortunately, this leads to millions of people not receiving the treatment they need even though they have a diagnosable mental illness.

Overcoming the Pandemic

The past two years have taken a devastating toll on people’s mental health. Increased feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression were reported throughout the nation. The pandemic was difficult for many people, exacerbating underlying mental health conditions. Today, as we emerge from pandemic-related restrictions and reach some form of normalcy, mental health support should take center stage.

This year a new three-digit nationwide mental health and suicidal crisis number will be available to communities nationwide. Beginning July 2022, people in need of assistance will be able to call 988 for help. 

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