Alcohol Spending

What Is Alcohol Spending in the U.S.?

According to Research America, in 2019, the United States spent nearly $252 billion on alcohol. Alcohol spending in the country is astronomical. Not all drinking expenses are created equal. Excessive alcohol use costs Americans and their government more than light to moderate drinking.

Cost of Excessive Alcohol Use

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that excessive alcohol use kills over 140,000 people per year. The majority (77%) of what the U.S. spends on drinking is related to binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as when a male has 5 or more drinks per occasion or when a female has 4 or more drinks per occasion. The cost breaks down to $2.05 per drink and approximately $807 per person.

Excessive Alcohol Spending by State

The CDC also estimates that on average excessive alcohol use costs each state $3.5 billion per year. North Dakota spent the least at $488 million, while California spent $35 billion. Additionally. Washington D.C. “had the highest cost per person” at $1,526. New Mexico, on the other hand, had the highest cost per drink at $2.77.

Obtaining Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

If you want to stop drinking but are unable to on your own or if you drink in excess, it might be time to consider treatment. There are numerous treatment options available for individuals suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder.

The cost of excessive alcohol use on an individual and their family can be devastating. Not only are there financial burdens, but it may also take a toll on the relationship. Alcohol use disorder can cause distrust in a relationship and may affect your ability to keep a job.  It is imperative to seek professional help if alcohol has become a problem or if you would like to stop. Consider whether alcohol has affected your relationships, your job, or your outlook, and decide if now is the time to seek help.