Sober Super Bowl

4 Ways to Celebrate the Big Game Without Drinking


Super Bowl LVI is scheduled for Sunday February 13, 2022 in Los Angeles. SoFi Stadium is set to host the two NFL teams that win their way through multiple championship games. If you are watching from home or somewhere other than the multi-billion dollar stadium chances are there will be alcohol involved. 

Super Bowl parties and other festivities can be extremely challenging for individuals in sobriety. But there are ways to celebrate the big game without drinking.

1. Avoid the Bars

For some people bars may be a trigger. Bars are establishments where alcohol is the primary thing served, while there may be some food for the most part they are centered around alcohol. 

Consider sticking to a house party with supportive family and friends or even look up a sober super bowl party in your area. 

2. Bring Your Own Beverage

If you are headed to a Super Bowl party, consider bringing your own beverage. Most hosts plan for plenty of alcohol but may forget about the number of people that aren’t drinking. Bottled water and sodas tend to go fast if there aren’t many to go around. 

Bring your own drink of choice wherever you are going so that you always have a non-alcoholic beverage available.

3. Have an Escape Plan

Know that even the best laid plans can go awry. Have an exit plan if you start to feel uncomfortable. Be ok with either saying no to begin with or leaving early to a retreat of your choice. Supportive friends and family won’t have a problem with you doing what is best for your mental health and sobriety.

4. Host Your Own Party

If all else fails, consider hosting your own party. Nothing says you cannot have a great Super Bowl party at your home or even rent out a room at a local restaurant. Make it a family-friendly affair with no alcohol.