The Isolation of Addiction

Why Community Is an Important Part of Addiction Recovery

People who struggle with addiction have a tendency towards isolation.  In many cases, heavy alcohol use can affect nearly every relationship that a person may encounter.  It makes it easier to isolate yourself from hurting others.  Isolation also makes it easier to feed your addiction.  Many people who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction admit that they spent years hiding their substance use from their loved ones.  Isolation enables the continued use of the harmful substance.

Thus, community becomes an important part of recovery.  Seeking treatment is not easy for most people.  It means admitting to others that you have a problem.  It means admitting to yourself that you have a problem.  It requires a commitment to change your lifestyle and it requires an unparalleled amount of vulnerability.  Community helps not only with admitting that there is a reliance on drugs or alcohol but also with keeping you accountable in your recovery.  

Treatment for addiction comes in many shapes and sizes and often involves a multi-faceted approach.  Different things work for different people.  Depending on your level of addiction and your stage of recovery you may be most comfortable in a one-on-one therapy session before moving into group therapy. 

Isolation can have a deep impact on the human brain, for an addict it can prove deadly.  It is imperative to seek treatment if your alcohol or drug use has become isolating.  The first step toward recovery is not easy, but it can be done.  Today there are numerous treatment options for those struggling with alcohol or drug dependence.  You are not alone.