Virginia Restricts Alcohol Sales Due to COVID-19

Multiple States Across the Country Curbing Late Night Alcohol Sales to Stop Spread of Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic has amplified over the past few weeks and several states have put restrictions in place to help stop the spread. One of the ways that researchers believe the virus is spread easiest is in bars and restaurants. Virginia, in an effort to curb the outbreak, has restricted alcohol sales after 10:00 pm according to the Washingtonian.

In addition to prohibiting bars and restaurants from selling on-site alcohol after 10:00 pm, the governor announced several other measures. Those measures include:

  • Reducing the number of people allowed to gather indoors and outdoors to 25 or less
  • Requiring all people over the age of five to wear a mask when in public
  • Enhanced enforcement of statewide mandates for “essential retail businesses”

Two Birds One Stone

Curbing the sale of alcohol may help slow the spread of the virus and it may tackle a growing problem. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many have seen a drastic increase in the consumption of alcohol throughout the country. Anxieties over the health crisis and the brewing financial crisis may be causing more people to use alcohol (and drugs) to cope.

By restricting the sale of alcohol at bars and restaurants it should help to reduce the number of people in those establishments and may help reduce the amount that people are drinking to some degree. 

Medical professionals fear that despite more people consuming large amounts of alcohol few are seeking treatment. Even without the pandemic, only a small portion of people with diagnosable Alcohol Use Disorder seek treatment. Alcohol dependency affects millions of people each year. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as possible.